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May 06, 2013
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We're excited to introduce the latest in technology in oral cancer screening to our office. The Identafi technology uses a revolutionary multi-spectral light technology to identify any areas of abnormal tissue growth within the mouth. Often times these changes may go unnoticed by the naked eye, but with the use of Identafi's unique three-wave length technology, areas of change that may signal the occurrence or early beginnings of oral cancer will be illuminated.  To learn more about the Identafi device, you can visit

November 28, 2012
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We just returned from the Greater New York Dental Meeting, which is the largest dental convention in the United States and it really got me excited about the direction the field of dentistry is headed.  To see all the technology on display there has made me more passionate about the field than ever.  I acquired a few new pieces which we will be incorporating into the practice shortly and I'm very excited to be able to provide this technology to our wonderful patient base.  From implants, to caries (cavity) detection, to something as basic as teeth cleanings, the field is growing at an exponential rate and we can't wait to implement these advances in our treatment!

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