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August 13, 2012
Category: Dental Care

A very interesting article was posted on recently and I wanted to share it with you all.  It discusses 5 ways poor dental care may affect your health.  I'm going to list a brief summary here.  If you'd like to read the full article, you can click on the link below:

1.  People with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease.

2.  Fewer teeth may lead to an increased risk of dementia.

3.  Diabetics are at an increased risk for periodontal disease.

4.  People with gum disease may have a greater risk for respiratory infections.

5. It takes on average two months longer for women that have gum disease to conceive than for women without gum disease.  Gum disease also increases the risk for miscarriage.

The conclusion here is that your dental care is a key contributing factor to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Make sure to come in for your regular checkups and keep those pearly whites clean!


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