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By contactus
July 18, 2012
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Today I'm going to answer a question that I frequently receive in the office: "When should I whiten my teeth? Before I start my treatment or after?"  In 99% of the cases, you should whiten your teeth prior to beginning your restorative treatment.  The reason behind this is that when you restore your teeth with a restoration such as a crown, veneer, or a tooth colored filling, the dentist will match up the color of the restoration with the current color of your teeth.  By whitening before you begin your restorations, the dentist will be able to match the new restorations with the new whitened color of your teeth.  Otherwise, if you whiten after, your restorations will not change color and your natural teeth will become lighter than the teeth that were just restored, making an uneven appearance.    

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By contactus
June 05, 2012
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My patients often ask me what types of food/drinks typically stain teeth.  There are a couple of different ways food can stain teeth.  One way is through deeply pigmented food molecules which adhere to the tooth enamel. Another factor is the acidic content of the food.  Highly acidic foods can erode the enamel, which in turn allows the pigmentation in the food to adhere more readily to the teeth.

So what are the foods that do this you ask?  Wine, tea, soda, highly acidic drinks, candy, and colored fruits such as berries are the biggest culprits.  Lastly, one item that should always be avoided that discolors teeth among other parts of your body is smoking.

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